My Skill

In these years of work I learned a few things, I thank first of all my mentor when I was young, that in the first carpentry gave me the ability to organize my work and understand that good immediately costs less than to hurry and hurt, It’ll have to be redone. So Thank you! Pino Scavone from Aosta. I owe you.

Here a list of “things I know”:

  • Use of the main joinery machinery: wire planer, thickness planer, band saw, 4/6-sided squarer, calibrator, circular saw, semi-automatic drilling machine, hot press for paneling and veneers.
  • Use virtually all portable machines, including portable dowel and sunken roof saw
  • I am able to build a wooden roof starting from the beginning, from the squaring of the trunk to the laying of the supports for the tiles, including the insulation and calculation of the slopes, obviously having lived for thirty years in an alpine region like the Valle d’Aosta mine is a mountain style with large overhanging roofs, but it is not a problem to change my construction technique according to drawings provided.
  • I know the main techniques of manual woodworking and the use of related tools.
  • I have extensive knowledge about the laying of parquet, both classic glued and floating, including the subsequent sanding and painting, with two-component paints or oil
  • They are able to paint almost any support, from plaster walls to wood, both roller or brush with airless systems
  • I know the basics for laying tiles , including the different types of adhesives and their use.
  • I know the basics of plumbering and electricity, both civil and nautical.
  • I have extensive experience in the installation of doors, windows and entrance doors and I know the main brands of hardware for windows and their adjustment and assembly.
  • I am able to build a fence starting from the raw material, to carry out external coverings with shaped boards and other outdoor processing such as pergolas or gazebos
  • I have no problem reading CAD drawings and managing more people by supervising both the work in general and the individual details. I can manage also the supplies in the yards with the times necessary to obtain a fluid and ordered advancement works.