My Services for you

For your home:

Repainting of exterior doors , interior doors, parquet, plasterboard or wooden walls

Internal and external repairs and modifications on wood and plasterboard

Replacement of tiles, cleaning of gutters, sealing infiltrations

Installation and modification and repair of windows and gates

Reconstruction of structural parts in wood

Design and supply of winter gardens in glass and wood

Design and supply of outdoor wood-fired bathtub

I can make shelves for pets , like cat or other, and trail suspended.

For you boat:

Repair and makeover of boat deck in wood and fiberglass

Internal or external changes

Mounting structures and supports

Interior or exterior painting

Sealing and re-bedding deck equipment

Reconstruction of structural parts in wood and resin

My grandmother always had a proverb:

Asking is legitimate and answering is courtesy.”

So if you have the curiosity to know if I can do a job for you, just ask.

Greetings, Paul