Carpentry & Roofing

Reconstruction of a gate of a private garden, mixed exotic wood and composite wood

Reconstruction of interior door, including upper arch and side cladding

Replacement of damaged elements in a bathing establishment in Forte dei Marmi (Italy)

Chestnut fence treated with oil for outdoor use

Dog kennels with insulated inside

Chicken coop on customer’s design

Renovation of balcony according to the original style in the house of 1619 (Aosta Valley,Italy)

Sauna and spa in antique larch, oil treated.

Antique larch coating and fiber optic lighting in the hotel relaxation area

Larch roof construction, design provided by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage

Restoration and modification of loft, fireplace and load-bearing floor in the house of the seventeenth century

Searching leak, and fixed with replace concrete on top and antileak bandage.